Is Orange Juice Bad For Your Teeth?

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We all know that Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C & other minerals that is useful for skin and teeth. Especially when you have an infection in your gum, it helps a lot, but the question has, is orange juice good or bad for teeth?

Orange for Teeth – Good or bad?

is orange juice bad for your teeth

Let’s cover a few questions about orange today so that you get an idea if you are good to go with orange or not.

Positive points about orange

It contains minerals and vitamins that primarily help healthy teeth & gums. Even physicians recommend having vitamin C-rich foods & fruits when they think the connective tissues of your gums need to be stronger. Oranges have fiber which can be helpful for the digestive system as well.

Negative points about orange

It has high sugar, which is not good for your teeth.  According to, a medium-sized orange has around 14 g of digestible sugar & it’s even worse when you buy orange juice from the supermarket. As it contains added sugar & flavor. So if you want less sugar intake, you should probably eat oranges directly instead of having orange juice.

Orange vs Orange Juice

You can drink orange juice when you want. Don’t have any recommendations from your doctor about sugar. As discussed above, orange juice from local vendors or supermarkets contains additionally added sugar, so you are intaking sugars that are present in oranges along with additional sugar.

orange juice vs orange fruit for teeth

If you have a prescribed sugar limit or want less sugar intake, it’s better to eat direct oranges instead of juice.

Can you drink after brushing your teeth?

Everyone says Orange juice has vitamin C to stay healthy, but it also has citric acid in it, which is extremely hard for your teeth.

It’s bad for your enamel as it can weaken the enamel layer on your teeth. When you brush your teeth, the enamel layer is temporarily weakened & your teeth get cleaned because of this. If you sip orange juice after brushing your teeth, citric acid can be harmful to your teeth.

Whether it’s morning or nighttime, It’s recommended that you wait a few hours before drinking orange or any citrus acid-containing juice to keep your teeth healthy.

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