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Dentists are also known as Dental Surgeons. Routine dentistry rarely requires dentists to carry out any major surgical procedures in the conventional sense. There is hardly any soft tissue cutting and stitching done by dentists in the dental office.

An ORAL SURGEON is a specialized dentist who carries out major surgical work primarily involving the upper and lower jaw bones and, to a certain extent, the mid-face. There are a vast array of circumstances that require surgical intervention. An example is injuries caused during an accident. It is very common for hits on the face to lead to a fracture of the upper or lower jaw bones, technically known as the Maxilla and the Mandible. Minor fractures may be treated without any surgery, but generally, in an accident, fractures require a surgical procedure.

Such cases are best treated by an Oral Surgeon since positioning the jaw bones requires an intimate understanding of how the teeth bite each other. It is necessary that the teeth align perfectly when the fractured pieces are set to ensure that after the fractures have healed, the patient can bite and eat normally.

ORAL SURGEONS are also required in complex work involving the removal of teeth that do not fully erupt and get stuck midway in the bone. Such removals can range from very simple to quite complex operations. ORAL SURGEONS will also play an essential role in tumors and growth in the jaw bone. Many times parts of the jaw bone have to be removed in totality.

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