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Orthodontics comes from two Greek words…
“orthos,” meaning proper or correct, and
“dons,” meaning tooth.
To have orthodontic treatment is to have
“corrected teeth.”
For many people, orthodontics treatment is a highly skilled field of dentistry with which they have had no experience. Because this is so often the case, we want to start with the basic facts about orthodontics.

Our reason for this is that appreciation of anything comes from a thorough understanding of the subject, whatever it may be.

You already know that braces straighten teeth. But you may not know that a beautiful smile is just one of the benefits orthodontics offers. Bringing teeth, lips, and jaws into proper alignment produces a great smile and a healthy one. Straight teeth simply function better and are easier to clean.

And last but far from least is the increased confidence and self-esteem that a healthy smile provides. This psychological benefit can be a significant factor in the decision to undergo treatment and is often listed as a patient’s No.1 treatment goal. A beautiful smile is a pleasure to own and a pleasure to see.

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