Superfoods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are reading this it means either you have your wisdom tooth removed or going to get it removed.

Don’t worry, there is nothing to fear about wisdom tooth removal.


Wisdom tooth or third molars are the last tooth that comes in your mouth and it completes your set of teeth i.e, 32 teeth. Generally they erupts around your 20s and are 4 in number. Its ok if you don’t have all four of them as sometimes they are not present. Several reasons are there when they are required to be  removed.

  1. CARIES OR DECAY: – Due to poor oral hygiene wisdom teeth gets caries which if not treated results in decay of tooth and pain. In such cases your dentists may suggest you to get it removed as many times they can be saved with RCT(ROOT CANAL TREATMENT).
  2. IMPACTED WISDOM TOOTH:– Impacted tooth are those tooth which fails to erupt in your mouth at the right time and at right position. In such cases they need to be removed if causes pain . Many a times they remain inside your jaw bone without any symptoms.
  3. ABNORMAL POSITION :– Often wisdom tooth erupts in a tilted position towards your cheeks or tongue thus when you eats your cheek muscles comes in between .This continuous cheek biting results in discomfort and pain after a time .In such cases its better to remove the wisdom tooth involved.
  4. CYSTS :- Sometimes cysts like dentigerous cysts forms in an unerupted tooth and the third molars are the most common  i.e. wisdom teeth are often involved. Here wisdom tooth extraction is suggested.
  5. GUM DISEASE:– When wisdom tooth erupts partially the gums overlying them can not be cleaned properly and becomes sore, swollen,  inflamed with much pain a condition called PERICORONITIS. Such dental problems can be treated by a simple procedure known as OPERCULECTOMY or wisdom tooth removal after your DENTIST verifies the problem.

11 superfoods you can enjoy after wisdom tooth removal:

The main objective  of eating these simple and nutrient rich foods is to not disturb the area around the tooth removed and to  enhance the healing of the wound. These includes liquid food stuffs and soft food.


Juices and soups are one of the best source of vitamins and nutrients and are easy to drink. Juices like orange juice and lemon juice are high in vitamin C which helps in healing of the gingiva. vitamin C helps in building of collagen  that are necessary for gingival building and normal gingival health. Juices and soups nourishes you and gives you a feeling of fulness.

orange juice


2. BANANA SHAKES : Banana shakes are easy to eat and are easy to digest. Rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, roughage, potassium, magnesium they keeps you energized all day . Banana shakes added with flax and Greek yoghurt are more nutritious and gives you enough calories for the whole day.

banana shake


3.OATS: oats are widely popular for their health benefits. they are rich in fibers ,proteins and are easy to eat. oats should be made in semi solid consistency and not sticky otherwise they can interfere in healing process. oatmeal with milk makes a deadly combination of nourishment.


4.SMOOTHIES : Smoothies are  power pack superfoods. With full of vegetables, fruits, vitamins and proteins smoothies are ultimate food packed in one drink. they are the best to have in the breakfast that will keep you energized full day. and they comes in different tastes too. As they have  all kinds of antioxidants it will increase the healing many folds.


5.APPLESAUCE : Inexpensive, easy to make applesauce are widely consumed for their low calories and plain diet. if you are diabetic you can make them without sugar also. Easy to eat and healthy too.



6.BROTHS: Broths are like soups consisting of veggies and meats cooked in stock which are mixed with barley or cereals to make them thick. These are excellent source of nutrients and vitamins. Enjoy them till your mouth allow solid foods.


7.SCRAMBLED EGGS AND EGG SALAD: scrambled eggs are easy to eat and have the benefits of egg . Full of minerals and proteins eggs plays an important role in wound healing and recovery.

scrambled eggs

8.GREEK YOGURT: Greek yogurt being super digestible, soft to eat ,rich in proteins and low in sugar are surely a yes yes in food list after a wisdom tooth extraction.

greek yoghurt

9.LENTILS AND WELL COOKED BEANS: well cooked beans and lentils are soft enough to eat without chewing. they are super rich in proteins that are essential for building muscles and gums.


10.MILK : Many a times wisdom tooth are surgically removed so bones are also damaged . therefore calcium becomes very important to heal the bony socket. Milk is considered as best source of calcium and vitamin D so it must be included in the diet chart.


11.ICECREAMS: Ice-creams are not meant to fill stomach they but do wonders. Ice-creams can releive pain and swelling post surgery and gives you a soothing effect. Ice-creams can be eaten by people of any age and are favorite of everyone. Just remember not to eat ice creams having nuts.

ice cream















  1. HOT N SPICY FOODS: Spicy foods are absolutely restricted after tooth surgery because they interferes in the healing process by irritating the fresh wound.
  2. ALCOHOL : Alcohol dehydrates your body and slows down the healing process. Moreover alcohol can cause serious reactions with medications that are prescribed .
  3. SMOKING AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS: Smoking contracts your blood vessels and impairs the blood flow thereby reducing the essential supply of nutrients to the surgical site decreasing the healing capacity of the body. Tobacco products if used comes in direct contact with the wound and can irritates the surrounding gums.
  4. HARD FOODS: Hard foods are not suggested because they are difficult to chew and extra pressure while eating can cause bleeding from the recovering wound and extends the time of healing.
  5. NUTS & CRUNCHY FOODS: Crunchy and nutty foods can stuck in the wound and impairs healing.

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