Which Country Has a Dentist Shortage?

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Dentist Demand

A dentist shortage is a problem worldwide. Some countries have a more significant shortage than others. These countries often have older working-age populations and low numbers of students studying dentistry. People who lack access to dentists face the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. A recent study shows that almost 51.34% of the world’s population does not have routine dental checkups, while only 48.66% of people under 18 to 29 years have visited dentists in 2022.

Quick Facts: Dentists 
2021 Median Pay$163,220 per year
$78.47 per hour
Typical Entry-Level EducationDoctoral or professional degree
Work Experience in a Related OccupationNone
On-the-job TrainingSee How to Become One
Number of Jobs, 2021146200
Job Outlook, 2021-316% (As fast as average)
Employment Change, 2021-318400

Source: bls.gov

The United States, for example, has a severe shortage of dentists. To meet the average demand in the United States, approximately 6,000 more dentists would be needed. This means that the top 24 states would each need almost 13,500 additional dentists. Other states would have only modest shortages.

As a result, the demand for dental care is rising. Many older dentists are retiring, resulting in a shortage of available dentists. Meanwhile, the potential market is increasing rapidly. The world’s population is growing, incomes are steadily rising, and many people need dental care. Furthermore, an array of changes are making dental care more accessible and more likely. This is good news for the dental industry!

The UK’s shortage of dentists is particularly acute in rural areas. While some dentists move to urban areas, those in rural areas are disadvantaged. As per the recent study by BBC, 9 in 10 NHS dental practices across the UK are not accepting new adult patients for treatment under the health service. Many rural dental practices in the United Kingdom are closing permanently, citing a shortage of dentists in the region. A similar situation exists in other parts of the UK.

While many countries lack dentists, others are blessed with highly skilled and experienced professionals. As per a WHO report, The Netherlands, for example, has nearly one dentist per every 10,000 people, while Croatia has about 7 dentists per 10000.  Switzerland is one of the worst countries for dental care, with an average of 50kg of sugar consumed per person per year. So it has a huge demand for dentists.

Dentist Problems

Dentists are also facing problems in scheduling patients. During the past few years, many dental hygienists have left the profession. Dentists face problems hiring support staff, which is essential for patient care, follow-ups, etc.

With more people turning to cosmetic dentistry, salaries have skyrocketed. The average salary for these professionals is around $78.47 per hour. Furthermore, the demand for dentists and cosmetic services will continue to rise. A study conducted by the HRSA forecasts that there will be an adequate number of dentists in 2030. However, a shortage of general dentists is also expected to be a problem.

The number of dental students entering dental schools has increased over the years. Over 6,000 graduates complete dental school each year. The number of dental schools has increased to 67 in the United States. Nova Dental School was opened in 1997, the first new dental school in the United States in 25 years. After graduation, most students receive job offers. Many work for dental practices, while others work for corporate dental service organizations.

If we talk the Netherlands has a robust healthcare system and modern dental clinics. Dentists in the Netherlands are often very busy and see 15-25 patients a day. In this environment, they can focus on the quality of the treatment while an assistant ensures that they meet the needs of the patients. In addition, the presence of an assistant helps young dentists gain work experience and develop their skills.

Are you studying dental? Which is the most preferred country you want to be settled in as a dentist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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